KANZI® apples are nature’s collectors of solar energy that belong in every fruit bowl, into every meal plan and every snack break. With their sweet and tangy taste and crunchy bite, KANZI® apples are instantly refreshing. They give you just the right energy to keep going. Take a moment to recharge. Take a bite. And experience The Power of Great Taste.


The KANZI® apple is the perfect blend of a juicy Gala and a tangy-sweet Braeburn. It has a perfectly balanced sweet and tangy flavour and a crisp texture, making it the perfect choice for preparing delicious dishes. Dishes that not only taste great but also give you back the energy you need.

KANZI® apples are great for baking, snacking and slicing with their crunchy and juicy flesh that naturally stays white for longer.


Aussie grown

KANZI® apples are grown around Australia in 75 orchards including in the pristine orchard regions of Batlow (NSW), Yarra Valley (Vic), Adelaide Hills (SA), Manjimup (WA), Stanthorpe (QLD) and Huon (Tas) where the warm days and cool nights are ideal for nurturing apples

Top of the tree

Only premium, first-class fruit is sold as KANZI®. Our experienced growers prune the trees to ensure each apple is given just the right amount of sunlight to develop that exceptional KANZI® colour and flavour.

Nutrition information

Loads of vitamin C

Just one KANZI® apple contains more than 40% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C, which helps support your immunity system, your mood and fights fatigue.

Longer lasting

The dense flesh of a KANZI® naturally stays white for longer and when kept in the fridge, they’ll stay fresh for 1-2 months without losing their crunch.

Serving size: 180g (1 medium apple unpeeled)

per serve
% DI* Av QTY
per 100g
Energy 396kJ 5% 220kJ
Protein 0.5g 1% 0.3g
Total fat <0.4g 0% <0.2g
Saturated fat <0.2g 0% <0.1g
Total carbohydrates 21.6g 7% 12g
Sugars 20g 22% 11g
Dietary fibre 2.5g 8% 1.4g
Sodium 0.2mg <1% 0.1mg
Potassium 54mg 30mg
Vitamin C 17.1mg 43% 9.5mg
Total polyphenols 36mg GAE 20mg GAE
Glycemic Index (GI)^ 36 (low)

Source: NMI analysis

*Based on an average adult diet of 8700kG, “<” means less than, GAE means Gallic Acid Equivalents, ^GI is an average of 6 international apple variaties (no Aust varieties GI tested)

Where to Buy Us

You can find Kanzi at: ALDI, Coles, Costco, Woolworths, green grocers nationally.

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